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B-Side: The Chang Gang's Exciting New Project

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

If you’re a fan of the Miami sushi scene, you’re likely already familiar with the Chang family. Fernando Chang has had immense experience within the Miami food industry and secured his expertise in 2018, with his daughter Valerie and son Nando, when he introduced the successful sushi restaurant Itamae. As described on the St. Roch Market’s website, Itamae is an ingredient-driven sushi concept featuring classic nigiri and sashimi as well as specialty maki, all with nods to Fernando’s Peruvian heritage through ingredients like guava and aji amarillo.

Since it’s opening, Itamae has been featured in countless publications. As explained by the Miami Herald, Nando and Val Chang’s take on Nikkei, the Japanese-Peruvian fusion endemic out of Peru, is the reason they were the first brother-sister duo named semifinalists for a James Beard Foundation award - the highest honor for a chef.

The Chang family’s culinary reputation is only partially accredited to Itamae, as the members of the Chang family continue to branch out and explore their potential.  Valerie Chang has been in a few kitchens on her own, including Michael Solomonov’s Miami location of Dizengoff, where she could add flavors of her Peruvian heritage to an Israeli menu. And Nando Chang, while continuing his role as a sushi-chef with his sister and father at Itamae, has presented a brand new kitchen in Wynwood’s 1-800-Lucky food hall that focuses more on the Japanese side of the Chang cuisine. B-Side, replacing Myumi, will feature new sushi rolls while bringing in tweaked versions of Itamae’s popular rolls. 1-800-Lucky is a trendy Wynwood experience that provides guests with entertainment such as karaoke and live DJ’s, offering a spacious area for dancing and mingling, while also providing guests with seven Asian restaurants to choose from. 

B-Side is the newest addition to this all-inclusive Asian setting, and it is expected to thrive. As further explained by the Miami Herald, Nando Chang has been recording rap music and recently released a new album titled “Ceviche” with Sony music, including a song, “Sushi Chef” that combines and highlights his love of cooking and rapping. B-Side is already open, and is a welcome addition to 1-800-Lucky.

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