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From Farm to Table Restaurant Now Open in Hilton Miami Dadeland

Table 55, a new hot spot now open in the Hilton Miami Dadeland, features local cuisine with a unique farm to table concept using only daily fresh ingredients. Once you enter the place you will feel very welcomed and taken care of by the friendly staff. It will be hard to pick what you want to eat since every item on their menu seems delicious. The visual presentation of the food makes you want to devour everything you see on the table. That is because the food is fresh and the farmers who provide the food have had over 60 years of perfecting what they grow. The Sam Accursio & Sons Farm located in Homestead is one of the primary food suppliers for Table 55. They have been in the farm fresh food business since 1948.

With the restaurant only 20 minutes away from the farm, what Farmer Sam harvests today will often be in the restaurant tomorrow. That makes Table 55 different from other restaurants that wait for their products to arrive from overseas which usually takes about a week. Table 55 pride themselves for having daily fresh food with higher nutrient levels. Which makes it highly unlikely that you’ll find any trace of pesticide residue in, on, or around any of the produce used at Table 55. It’s all high quality and in good taste.

In addition to the mouthwatering food, there is an inspiring story behind Table 55 and its concept. According to their website, the story behind the restaurant started in Spring of 1882, when a gentleman from Florida named Henry Kendall kept having a recurring dream night after night. In his dream, Kendall saw himself managing dozens of acres of fruit groves. The dreams ceased, but the destiny did not. In 1883, the story has Kendall purchasing the land and, indeed, managing fruit groves on about 55 acres, inspiring the name of the restaurant. It was not long until Kendall’s fruit earned the reputation as “the freshest in the south land.” A precursor, in a way, to the freshest ingredients used to prepare meal selections at Table 55. Today, Kendall’s legacy is the street that bares his name; Kendall Drive.

Table 55 provides high quality food and fine dining experience for affordable prices. The menu keeps changing which means there is always a new item to try. This is new hot spot that is definitely worth checking and exploring if you're looking for an affordable fine dining experience with a great service. Table 55 is your go to spot if you are looking to have an intimate gathering with friends or a very nice and calming date night dinner. You will enjoy the very nice ambiance with jazz music playing in the background!

Burrata Salad at Table 55
Burrata Salad, photo by @tasty.delights.mia

Grilled Avocado at Table 55
Grilled Avocado, photo by @tasty.delights.mia

Organic Artichoke at Table 55
Organic Artichoke, photo by @tasty.delights.mia

Lion's Mane Mushrooms at Table 55
Lion's Mane Mushrooms, photo by @tasty.delights.mia

Orange Sorbet at Table 55
Orange Sorbet, photo by @tasty.delights.mia

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