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NYC restaurateurs flock to Miami for relaxed COVID-19 rules

February 8th, 2021, Felix Bendersky, owner of F+B Hospitality Brokerage was quoted in the New York Post in an article that highlights how many hospitality businesses are headed to Miami to open as New York is still experiencing strict COVID restrictions.

Notable quotes from Felix Bendersky include:

“And it’s not just New Yorkers looking to set up shop in the Sunshine State, said Felix Bendersky of F+B Hospitality Leasing, a commercial broker specializing in restaurants, clubs and hotels. “Just off the top of my head I can count more than a hundred who signed leases. I show space to 15 to 20 groups a day. They are from New York but also from Canada, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas.”

“I’ve had clients who have abandoned projects in Brooklyn and Manhattan because it makes more sense for them to come here and open right away, while in New York they don’t know if they will be open from one day to the next,” Bendersky said. “Miami is based on nightlife, and with the clubs closed, restaurants and bars are the only places where people can go.”


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