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Revitalizing MiMo

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

The MiMo District, a popular abbreviation for the Miami Modern architecture style dominating the stretch of Biscayne Boulevard between 62nd and 79th streets, has been in the thralls of a revitalization since a buying race began in 2013. Buildings that were purchased 2013 to 2015 are now rebuilt and ready to lease.

At first blush, the amount of new inventory available gave the appearance that the area may have been over invested into but the tides have finally turned – especially when it comes to food and beverage locations. “One way to get leases done and spaces filled is to look to restaurants. Retail may be struggling but restaurants, including smaller locations and commissaries focused on delivery business, are thriving” says Felix Bendersky, owner of F+B Hospitality Brokerage. 

Bendersky goes on to say that “we represent tenants but when I speak to landlords we work with often, it is always a suggestion I give that they should be offering to cover the expense of a grease trap and impact fees, or simply building a location with these in place”.

F+B Hospitality Brokerage is helping to facilitate the revival of the MiMo District by brokering leases for several new and exciting restaurants coming to the area. In addition to the restaurants brought by F+B Hospitality, several additional restaurants are moving into the neighborhood altogether contributing to the transformation of the culinary scene in the MiMo area. 

As noted in the Real Deal, a new seafood concept from the Chicago-based group behind the Angry Crab and San Soo Gab San have decided to open their first Florida location in the MiMo district. The group has locked down a lease for a 2,500 SF restaurant space located at 6928 Biscayne Blvd through the guidance of F+B Hospitality who additionally brokered the nearby leases for El Bagel at 6910 Biscayne Blvd and OMG Brigaderios at 6912 Biscayne Blvd.


Adam Gersten, owner of Wynwood’s favorite bar and pizza spot Gramps, has also recently secured a location for his new restaurant Puttin’ on the Schnitz through F+B Hospitality at 1085 NE 79th Street, where Schnitzel Haus operated for years.

Old MiMo favorites are also doing so well that they are able to expand beyond the neighborhood. La Social, a neighbor staple located at 7601 Biscayne Blvd., is now opening their second location in Downtown Miami at 12 NE 1st Ave. F+B Hospitality represented La Social, who’s newest 1,200 SF location is expected to open in November. The restaurant signed a 10-year lease. 

In the heart of the MiMo district lies the distinguished Vagabond Hotel on Biscayne Blvd. Earlier this year, Vagabond Sushi, the Amir Ben-Zion restaurant inside of the Vagabond Hotel closed. But with such an amazing location the space wasn’t going to remain empty long, the only question was who was going to fill the space. Therefore, it was no surprise to see it filled by Gregory’s Diner, a brand new restaurant concept from the talented owners of the Mandolin Aegean Bistro. The restaurant honors the hotel’s mid-century modern aesthetic and creates a gathering place to build a community for the neighborhood the owners happen to call home.

Paulie Gee’s, the Brooklyn style pizzeria, had opened on Biscayne Blvd in 2016 but unfortunately closed in February - making everyone in the neighborhood wonder what would replace it. Months later the Graspa Group, the team behind tasteful gems like Salumeria 104, Spris, Segafredo and the new tiki bar Esotico, recently stepped in and signed a lease to take over Paulie Gee’s. No one currently knows what type of restaurant concept the group will produce for the space. Will they lightly customize the former pizzeria by turning it into another location of Spris, or will they come up with a new concept altogether? Regardless of what concept they decide to pursue, it’s an exciting development for MiMo that everyone in the neighborhood is excited to watch unfold.

Latin American restaurant CHICA, the famous concept born on the Las Vegas Strip by the renowned Chef Lorena Garcia, is opening its second location in Miami! The Miami incarnation of CHICA is taking over the space formerly occupied by Soyka restaurant at Biscayne Blvd and NE 4th Court. Opening this fall 2019, CHICA will offer a dynamic Latin American culinary environment for weekend brunch, lunch, dinner, and late night. 

Wabi Sabi on 79th street remains closed but to the delight of many they will be reopening soon after completing renovations. In addition to their new locations in Wynwood and Time Out Market, they cannot resist being a part of the revitalization of their original Miami address.

Restaurateur Ken Lyon recently purchased the rights to the Anderson on 79th Street, from the previous owners, the founders of Broken Shaker in Miami Beach. On August 3rd, a separate taco bar “El Taco” will open in an expanded outside area. The name “El Taco” was taken from the bars original name “El Toro”, which first opened in 1947 and can proudly assert that has the longest running liquor license in Miami. The bar has transformed over the decades to match Miami’s evolving culture, and after transferring owners this year we are set to watch this local staple evolve further. Ken Lyon hopes to achieve this transition while attempting to keep some of the personality from the previous concepts the location has delivered over F+ B Hospitality Brokerage represented La Social, the years, such as a potential piano bar to maintain the jazzy vibe that goes all the way back to when the spot was a hip piano lounge. 

The MiMo District will continue to expand and impress Miami as existing restaurants further develop and encourage new concepts to move in and take advantage of the momentum of the neighborhood and F+B Hospitality Brokerage will be right there cheering it on.

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