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The Tastiest Superbowl Event Guide

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

Miami is a city known for its diversity, extravagant luxuries, and impressive talent for transforming events into a top-tier attractions, so it's no surprise that immediately after announcing Super Bowl LIV would be held in Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium, people from all over the United States, and the world for that matter, secured their tickets to come to the Sunshine State to be apart of history and football tradition.

Just two months after Miami hosted Art Basel, an international phenomenon of it's own accord, Miami once again attracts over a hundred thousand fans, celebrities, and chefs for the Super Bowl. And if you think Super Bowl events are only for Sunday, think again. Miami’s lucky locals and visitors have the opportunity to attend a plethora of exciting events besides the big game itself, and most want to explore as many as possible. Best of all, several of the events involve something everyone can appreciate: food!  

For starters, who doesn’t enjoy a delectable, savory donut? The Salty Donut has earned its delicious reputation through the large doughy treats they offer, which are perfected with indulgent toppings such as frostings, candies, and even bacon. Going above and beyond to produce extraordinary creations is their norm, but the Salty Donut went a step further this month by pairing with Rob Gronkowski (Gronk) to create a limited edition gem.

Gronk may be known for his prestigious football career with the New England Patriots, but Miami now has the chance to test his culinary skills. Through his collaboration with the Salty Donut, the “Whipped Piña Colada” donut was created. The special edition donut is being sold exclusively through Uber Eats in “The Gronk Box” and as a bonus offers additional incentives (beyond the delicious donut). Each order includes an automatic entry into a pool of prizes, with the most significant prize being a pair of free general admission tickets into Gronk’s exclusive Super Bowl party, Gronk Beach, which will be held during the day on Saturday February 1st, will offer an incredible experience. Considering the 6 hour open bar, the Salty Donut station, Bodega Tacos, Ooh Raw Acai Bowls, STK Steak House bites and more, the event seems more than enticing.

After attending Gronk Beach during the day, one might enjoy the Taste of the NFL event hosted at the Diplomat Hotel in South Beach which begins Saturday at 7 PM. This extravagant food and beverage event will consist of decadent courses made by over 32 famous chefs from all over the world. Attendees of the event won't only include fans or food and drink connoisseurs, but also 32 active members of the NFL. Besides tasting and sipping the best of the best, Taste of the NFL aims to draw awareness for the NFL’s “Kick Hunger Challenge” which raises money for impoverished families. Pepsico has sponsored the event, and has agreed to match all donations made to the “Kick Hunger Challenge” - up to $50,000. Donations will be accepted up until Sunday, February 2nd, the day of the Super Bowl.

After an amazing week packed with events, on the day of the actual Super Bowl most will want to watch the game, of course. The Players Tailgate Party is one option for some pre-game excitement, whether one has a ticket to the game or not. This experience has been consecutively awarded the best event to attend on the actual day of the Super Bowl. With tickets starting at $875 per person, one can expect a high class party. Two and half acres of land outside the stadium will be gracefully transformed to create the optimal game day party action. All of the food will be made on site by world renowned chefs such as Guy Fieri, Aaron May, Antonia Lofasa, Todd English, and Miami’s own Richard Hales. Hales owns several distinguished Miami favorites, such as Sakaya Kitchen, Black Brick, Bird and Bone, and more. 

But if someone doesn't want to spend $875 to attend a pre-game party, there’s no need to worry. Several of Miami’s local hot spots are providing specials that will be a little more affordable, but nonetheless exhilarating. American Social will be airing the game on over 20 TVs, with amazing deals such as $4-6 liquor shots and a $6 basket of wings. Time Out Market has food options for everyone, with over three food and drink deals that will last all day. Or if a variety of food trucks paired with different types of champagne is more your style head over to the Wharf to experience their amazing pop-up event space. The Confidante, an oceanfront hotel in Miami Beach, is holding an event where an enormous screen will display the game while their guests enjoy soaking up the sun with $25 beer buckets all day long. Whether you attend the game or not, there are options catered to all. 

The Super Bowl has an incredible power of bringing people together, and Miami is truly a remarkable place to host. The NFL oriented venues, events, and parties are only temporary additions to the beautiful landscape and diverse findings Miami already has to offer. Whether you are in Miami looking for events to make your week extra special, or just curious about the current buzz of the city - know that Miami never fails to add its own enchantment every opportunity possible.

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