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The Anderson Invigorated by New Owners

The beloved Miami lounge The Anderson is getting re-invigorated by brand new owners. Restaurateur Ken Lyon secured the shift of ownership from Bar Lab’s Gabe Orta and Elad Zvi earlier this month on June 12.

As discussed by Laine Doss in her Miami New Times article, Ken Lyon is very excited to take over the oldest continuous liquor license in Dade County and will implement new ideas to improve the venue in three phases. The first phase will focus on upgrades to the outdoor seating areas, the second phase involves kitchen renovations and introducing music back into the venue, and the third phase will focus on the 1,200-square foot space that will be ideal for beverage launches, private parties, and seasonal events, and pop-up dinners. Lyon says, “Our aim is to keep the Anderson as is, albeit with a few new features and a few surprises over the next six months.”

The upgrades that Lyon is planning will not interfere with the existing business, as the new owner does not intend on closing the lounge during the renovations. The improvements incorporate an expanded outdoor seating area which will include a covered platform for DJs and other performing artists, and additionally and 21-seat taco bar serving made-to-order tacos. Furthermore, an exciting adjustment is the plan to revive the piano-bar atmosphere that was present when the venue was the Magnum Lounge. The idea is that while patrons are enjoying their dinner, a range of music from jazz to blues will accompany their meal.

The previous owners of the Anderson, Bar Lab group’s Gabe Orta and Elad Zvi, are already dreaming up new restaurant ideas. Felix Bendersky of F+B Hospitality Brokerage facilitated the mixologist duo signing a lease for 1,172 square feet within the Downtown Miami Ingraham building. While Gabe and Elad are still deciding on the model for the new space, the two are certain the concept will revolve around beer and wine and will likely open by the end of the year. Something I’m sure we can all look forward to!

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