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The Miami Food Scene Restructured – May’s Openings and Closings

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

The Miami New Times published their monthly report of Miami’s restaurant openings and closings in May. There are many new amazing restaurants that have been introduced onto our food scene, so it's worth highlighting some favorites you need to check out.


The highly-acclaimed chef and owner of the new establishment, Bradley Kilgore, explains on Ember’s website that he aspires for his restaurant to stand out because of the intense spices and layering flavors that are present throughout the food. Located in Paradise Plaza in the Miami Design District, the American bistro places a focus on classic and modern fare items while offering an incredible overall ambience that guarantees an unforgettable experience for any group or occasion. Located at 151 NE Miami Pl, Miami

The Salty Donut

It has been over a year since the Salty Donut announced its plan to open another restaurant in South Miami. Since the announcement fans have been, understandably, waiting in excited anticipation. On May 24, the wait ended as the second Salty Donut location opened and welcomed the public at their new location 6022 S. Dixie Hwy., South Miami. Their menu is very similar to their Wynwood counterpart offering the year-long donut flavors and coffee selections that we have all grown to love, however, the indoor and outdoor seating areas will provide a larger space than Wynwood. I am sure donut fanatics everywhere are eager to become re-acquainted with the famous donuts in their new spot!

Check out @thesaltydonut on Instagram!

Time Out Market Miami

An exciting and unique opening in our community, Time Out Market provides patrons with not only the atmosphere for a unique and memorable meal - but provides an eclectic variety of food options to their guests which allows them to build their own experience. Spread across 17,000 square feet, Time Out Market offers 17 kitchens, three bars, a demo cooking area and a video installation wall that together represent the best dining and culture that Miami has to offer.

While there are a considerable amount of delightful new restaurant openings throughout Miami, our community lost a few gems this month including the beloved Wynwood Yard. The Wynwood Yard was a pop-up entrepreneurial hub that offered a plethora of entertainment and food options that were widely treasured. From their signature events such as Jazz Wednesdays, to their convenient and diverse selection of food trucks and cocktails – the Wynwood community is sure to mourn the closing. However, Della Heiman, the owner of the Wynwood Yard, will soon open the Doral Yard to continue the Yard’s legacy. Another opening for us all to look forward to!

To see the complete list of Miami’s openings and closings in May, click here.

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