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Who I am


I love creating new businesses and exploring opportunities. Over the years many of my ventures have been tied to the hospitality industry in one way or another. In 2002 I founded Night Owl Deliveries in Boston, one of the first concierge delivery concepts before the modern day apps and portions of the business sold to GrubHub. Next was Red Star Beverages, a boutique liquor distribution company and later my own private label Scotch Bendersky Family Reserve. When I moved to Miami in 2011 I created Green Star BioDiesel, a grease collection company that turns used restaurant cooking oil into bio-diesel. Most of these ventures over the years have been servicing and partnering with restaurants, hotels and stores leaving me with in-depth and intimate knowledge of the hospitality industry and a broad network.


Why I do this


F+B Hospitality Leasing was created with the intent to provide real estate advising to my growing hospitality community. I am a licensed Florida real estate broker and hospitality leasing is my specialty. Working with and supporting my existing relationships and extended connections is always rewarding and I love to see my restaurant owners succeeding.


What I can do for you


Have my vast network work for you and your business. It's not just knowing the hospitality listings that match your criteria for a next location, at F+B we learn about your concept and needs to connect you to unique and prime locations to boost your chances at top performance. In addition to finding top real estate, you will have access to my vendor recommendations, consulting on sourcing additional capital, incite on average expenses and pros + cons of neighborhoods. 


Have questions, listings, want to expand?

I'm always open to hearing your ideas and needs...

Thanks! Message sent.

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